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Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7 and still no web in site

Heheh. Sorry for breaking out the puns, but it's that or tears, ands I hate crying. It waters down my drinks.


So, if you're here, YES, I do have a pretty website with all my series and books listed. I'm in the process of changing hosts, and hope I have a new home by release on Tuesday, but with me being in Ecuador that adds a little chaos to every task. We'll see when we can get there.

If you're lookng for contest information-- I'm going to re-run the entire giveaway I mentioned in my newsletter. I'll re-send, but I don't want to be spamming my subscribers, so I'm waiting until I have something to send them all to.


This Tuesday is BOOK 2 Rocky Mountain Haven. Book 1 is already available and BOOK 3, Rocky mountain Desire is already up for pre-order at Amazon and Nook. If you click on my name at either of those sites, or Sony, Kobo, etc, you'll get a list of most if not al my books.

If you like the contemporary cowboys, try TURN IT UP or TURN IT ON--they're similair in tone and heat to the cowboys.

If you like a little MORE heat, you can try FALLING FREESTYLE or PARADISE FOUND, but be warned those two stories are menages with happily ever afters for 3 people. Yes, kind of like fantasy in a contemporary setting. :D

And if you don't mind a little paranormal, my Granite Lake Wolves series is a bit of light hearted humour with a sexy touch. They are not meant to be high literature, but i like the fun escape.

Enough about the books.

I have to mention I witnessed the most incredible sunset tonight here in Ecuador. Total horizon filled with golden and fiery red followed by this dusky glow--kind of making the edge of the sky match the street lights in the village. Very cool.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 2012 Update!

What a way to start the year- my web host got hacked on the 2nd, which means my website was down. They got things back in place and then on the 3rd, the hacker hit again.

People need to get a life. Really.

So today, January 4, 2012, my host is doing a reboot which puts my site down again for a few hours. If you're looking for the place to enter for the cowboy contest, give it a few hours and retry the links in the newsletter.

Sorry for the inconvience, but damn, it's making for an exciting start to 2012, isn't it? Lol.


Thursday, April 1, 2010


My new/main website and blog are back online! What a wonderful April 1st treat.

You can find me back at the new place, Vivian Arend, Romance , Hot and Wild

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make some noise-WINNERS

It's come to an end. Not quite the finishing final days I expected, but in the big scheme of things, it's all good. Hopefully by tomorrow the main site will be back...if not, I'll be a busy girl and get things up asap.

In the meantime, I want to say thank you for partying with me. You've ALL made my anniversary one for the memory books, in so many ways--never dreamed I'd have enough visitors in a month to blow up the site! I hope you will come back once the regular site is up--I have new covers to show off, and the second book in the Six Pack Ranch will be out in April, giving me time to test the new band-width with a sexy cowboy countdown.

I will post this list at the other site when possible. As well, I'm going to give people extra time to contact me, since life happened. If you know anyone on the winners list, be sure to let them know.

Winners. please contact me at vivarend at gmail dot know the routine, switch the symbols. If you've won a print book I need your mailing address. If you won an ebook, let me know your choice and your format. I'll get things out asap. I tried to give an extra clue if the winner's name was a common one--hopefully you can figure out if it's you.


Day 1- Ebook Your choice Giving Chase, Cowgirl Up and Ride, Pack Challenge, or New Year's Kiss--- Desiree

Day 2- Print: Sherrilyn Kenyon's One Silent Night-----Steph J.

Day 3- Print: Lora Leigh's Dangerous Games----- Breiab

Day 4- Ebook: Your choice of Lauren Dane's Samhain books----- veronica (reviews)

Day 5- Ebook: Your choice of Lorelei Jame's Samhain books----- Karin

Day 6- Wolfies!! Plus some mementos from the Olympic Torch relay---- Heather (Darkly Reading)

Day 7- Print: Jess Dee's Only Tyler------ Fedora

Day 8- Ebook: Mari Carr's Come Monday----- Marlene Breakfield

Day 9-Print: Cheyenne McCray's The First Sin and The Second Betrayal----- Anne (northwestern)

Day 10-Ebook: Your choice of Moira Rogers' first three Red Rock Pass books----- Beth (new name)

Day 11- Print: Maya Banks Sweet Seduction----- Nancy Gilliland

Day 12- Ebook: Your choice of books edited by Anne Scott-check the thread---- girrlit

Day 13- Print: Double the Pleasure----- Booklover0226


I hope you had some fun over the past weeks, and that you will come back again. It's been a spectacular year. I could never have imagined this...and I've got a pretty good imagination!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make some Noise-Day 13

Welcome back to the final day of the party. Looks like we'll be hanging out here for the duration, so let's make the best of it. It might be a little cozier, but that's all part of the fun. Be sure to come back here tomorrow to find out the winners. I'll be keeping the list posted for a while as I try to iron out the bugs at the other site.

Since today is a final chance to say thank you to the people who really make it all happen--the readers.

Today's prize is a reflection of a special event this past year--my first conference as a writer. In June, I got to attend the Lori Foster Reader/Writer event in Cincinnati. I managed to meet up with fellow members of International Heat, but I also got my first taste of being with readers. It was magical-- like walking into a tight knit community.

Thanks for letting me in.

The final prize is a PRINT copy of the CAPA award winning anthology Double The Pleasure

New York Times bestselling sensation Lori Foster, USA Today bestselling authors Deirdre Martin and Jacquie D’Alessandro, and Penny McCall come together to deliver four all-new stories of fun and games between friends and lovers in this tantalizing anthology. Included in this spellbinding collection is a brand-new novella featuring Foster’s Winston cousins—sexy twins who use their knock-out mirror-image good looks to switch places and have a little fun with the girls of their dreams.


To enter the final contest, tell me if you've read a good anthology lately. (Like I need more books suggestions, but...)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Make some noise-Day 12

So, a few partiers are still straggling in after the big blowout yesterday. You know how to get your party on, don't you? :wink:

Two days left in the anniversary, and then I'll be posting the winners on the 31st. I have all the entries from the previous days (thank you, Gmail!) so there's no troubles there.

Today I want to celebrate Samhain Publishing and my editor Anne Scott. She's been the most amazing person to work with. From that first acceptance letter to now she's pushed me to become stronger. To make the stories more complete. I don't know what I would have done without her, although I do miss having to give up all those '...' and 'that' and 'ly' words.

In honour of Anne, today's prize is an ebook copy of one of these four books she's edited. Three are established authors at Samhain, and one, Marian Perera, is a new writer who Anne picked her book from the slush pile.

Fairytales do come true, and Anne is one of those people who make it happen. Thanks so much, for everything, Anne.

(BTW, I've had a chance to read Before the Storm, and I'll be posting a review/squeal on release day. Very enjoyable story.)


To enter the contest, tell me who your favorite author was when you were growing up.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Make Some Noise- Day 11

It appears we've been partying too hard. (Snort!) The neighbors called the cops on us, and so we've had to move to a more remote location.

You guys know how to make some noise!!

Until I get the other site back up and running, you can enter for today's contest here. I've still got everyone's entries for all the previous days, and hope to get things settled soon.

Today's prize is a PRINT copy of Maya Banks Sweet Seduction. Maya has been one of the authors I've followed from ebook to print and enjoyed the heat all along the way.

To enter, let me know where you like your reading temperature? 1-10, sweet and closed doors or flaming hot and explicit?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moving on...

I've set up a sparkling new website with the blog attached. Click the link below to join me at:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

I've been busy writing wolves, so thought I'd just go back and do a little shot out of the first book in the series. Wolf Signs.

We're fast approaching the release of book two! I'm getting excited...


Oh, lordy, she wanted to be naked with him.

That was really, really not her.

She’d reached twenty-six years old with limited sexual experience. Whether it was because Tad was overprotective or because her deafness made her too unattractive to warrant more exploration, she’d never worried about it too much. She had read erotic stories over the years, and she knew how to climax, but she’d never had any desire to try much of anything with anyone.

Tad said she was saving herself for the “right man”.

Her parents had told her that when it was time, she’d know.

After all these years she’d figured that the Timex took a licking somewhere along the line and busted, because no one had really turned her crank.

Until now.

This stranger made her mouth water, and she hadn’t had a real taste of him yet. She opened her lips a crack, to see what he’d do and his eager tongue slipped past to trace the edge of her teeth.

Damn, he tasted good.

A sudden rush of scent filled her head and made it spin. Tingles raced down over her body coming to land between her legs. She reached out a hand to see if something was pushing on her crotch, but nothing was there except the internal pressure that made her want to squirm.

Keil’s hand slipped around to the back of her neck, drawing her closer and shifting her mouth to a different angle as he continued to kiss her. She pressed into him, enjoying the pleasurable sensations flowing through her. Yet even as she kissed back she wondered what she was doing. Why she wasn’t pulling her knife on him and getting him to back off?

He lifted her around to lie on top of his body as his tongue worked its magic on her mouth. His heart beat under her hands, the long, hard length of his body warm against her torso and limbs.

And she realized the long, hard length of something else nestled between her legs. Oh. My. Word. She pushed up with her hands on his hard chest to stare into his dark brown eyes, uncertain what to do. She felt safe, even if this had to be the most insane thing she’d done in her life.