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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

I've been busy writing wolves, so thought I'd just go back and do a little shot out of the first book in the series. Wolf Signs.

We're fast approaching the release of book two! I'm getting excited...


Oh, lordy, she wanted to be naked with him.

That was really, really not her.

She’d reached twenty-six years old with limited sexual experience. Whether it was because Tad was overprotective or because her deafness made her too unattractive to warrant more exploration, she’d never worried about it too much. She had read erotic stories over the years, and she knew how to climax, but she’d never had any desire to try much of anything with anyone.

Tad said she was saving herself for the “right man”.

Her parents had told her that when it was time, she’d know.

After all these years she’d figured that the Timex took a licking somewhere along the line and busted, because no one had really turned her crank.

Until now.

This stranger made her mouth water, and she hadn’t had a real taste of him yet. She opened her lips a crack, to see what he’d do and his eager tongue slipped past to trace the edge of her teeth.

Damn, he tasted good.

A sudden rush of scent filled her head and made it spin. Tingles raced down over her body coming to land between her legs. She reached out a hand to see if something was pushing on her crotch, but nothing was there except the internal pressure that made her want to squirm.

Keil’s hand slipped around to the back of her neck, drawing her closer and shifting her mouth to a different angle as he continued to kiss her. She pressed into him, enjoying the pleasurable sensations flowing through her. Yet even as she kissed back she wondered what she was doing. Why she wasn’t pulling her knife on him and getting him to back off?

He lifted her around to lie on top of his body as his tongue worked its magic on her mouth. His heart beat under her hands, the long, hard length of his body warm against her torso and limbs.

And she realized the long, hard length of something else nestled between her legs. Oh. My. Word. She pushed up with her hands on his hard chest to stare into his dark brown eyes, uncertain what to do. She felt safe, even if this had to be the most insane thing she’d done in her life.


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J.K. Coi said...

YAY, I'm excited too :)