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Monday, July 20, 2009

Winner of Tidal Wave ARC

Today is going to be busy. Through the wonders of modern technology I'm at a number of places all at the same time!

1. I'm at Ann Lory's Blog Bites chatting about discovering romance books and what the frog would turn into if I were the heroine who kissed it.

2. Come help celebrate Leah Braemel's milestone birthday, her double 25th, at Romance...beyond your imagination. I'm talking about a writer's inspiration. (Join for a chance to win a book!)

3. And I'm also chatting with the ladies at the Menagerie.

If you're on my newletter list, you should be receiving a mailout today.


And finally, to announce the winner of an ARC of Tidal Wave...


I know, you're going to have to force yourself to read it, aren't you? :) Email me at vivarend@gmail dot com and we'll get you your copy. A whole day before everyone else.


Thanks to everyone who entered. Tomorrow is the big day. I hope you'll come out and join in the fun for the release of Tidal Wave. See you then!

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