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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Snippet Saturdays

Snippet Saturday arrives and today's snippet is food related.

I have to confess I -love- this scene. I wrote it in the middle of September when there was a huge box of peaches sitting on the counter, the scent wafting through the air. It was a fabulous fall day and the thought of stopping writing to dive into canning was unbearable.

So I had my heroine deal with the peaches instead. From Rocky Mountain Heat, coming this fall from Liquid Silver Books.


Jaxi dropped a final peach into the jar, filled it with syrup and sealed the lid. Placing the jar with the others in the large pot on the stove she closed the cover with a hum of satisfaction. She still had a couple of hours until supper and after this last canner was done she was caught up on her work.

She gave a little hop to sit on the counter, eating a ripe peach while she waited for the water to reach a boil before she could set the timer for the last batch. Juice dribbled down her fingers and chin and she was slowly licking it off when she spotted Blake standing in the doorframe of the kitchen.

Watching her with hungry eyes.

Heat welled inside.

“You want a peach?” She held out a ripe fruit and beamed at him as he padded closer. He took the peach from her fingers, placed it carefully on the countertop and lifted her hand to his mouth, licking along the edges and between her knuckles. He opened her legs, pressing her thighs to the side as he slipped against her body.

“Just the sweet juice.”

His tongue lapped the juice from her chin, short little strokes like butterfly flutters along her skin. Jaxi closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations slipping over her. It had been a long day with little sleep last night, between the loving and the worry of the trip to Red Deer.

Mike and Marion were in the hospital for at least another couple days. Blake had brought Jaxi home and set out the work schedule for the boys based on Mike’s suggestions.

Jaxi last saw Blake in the morning when he’d kissed her goodbye after breakfast. A sweet, lingering kiss that made her toes curl. Knowing the fight between the two of them was over and they were finally together made satisfaction settle deep in her soul.

“You didn’t stop for dinner. Want me to warm something?” she asked.

Blake licked her neck and her collarbone. He unbuttoned her shirt; his fingers smoothing over her skin as he pushed it open to reveal her bra.

“I see what I’m looking for and it’s plenty hot already.” He slid the shirt off her shoulders to the countertop. “I like your bra, Slick, very lacy and pretty pink, but it’s a little too nice for what I have in mind.” While he kissed he brushed his fingers around her back and the cool air of the kitchen flowed over her as he undid her bra. Fascinated, he tugged off one shoulder strap at a time to let the cups fall away from her breasts.

“I was doing something real interesting yesterday when we got interrupted.” Blake lugged a high stool from the corner of the room and returned to his spot in front of Jaxi. His head lined up with her breasts and he hummed with satisfaction.

“We’ve had that stool since I was little. Ma used it to let us get a better reach on things and it works as good now as ever. Maybe even better since the treats are sweeter.”

He cupped a breast in each hand and lowered his head to cover the exposed surface of one with his hot mouth. Jaxi braced her arms behind her on the counter as an electric shock pulsed all the way to her womb. He alternated between sides, lapping and sucking. Jaxi shut her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his intimate touch.

“Keep your eyes closed.”

She sensed Blake slide away and somewhere nearby a drawer opened and closed. She debated peeking when soft drops of liquid touched her skin, rolling down the swell of her breast.

Moisture trailed to the tip of her nipple and clung there, cool in the moving air blowing in the window.

She opened her eyes to see Blake had the peach in slices. He’d squeezed one piece between his fingers, letting the juice land on her body.

“Close your eyes,” he warned.

Jaxi giggled and squeezed them shut. And waited.

Moist heat flicked as he lapped at the juice. Blake followed every sticky sweet line with his tongue, licked her skin clean, covered her with kisses. His fingers rolled her nipples, pinching and teasing. Ripples of desire spread through her body; her panties grew damp. The sound of something bumping and rattling slowly filtered though her sexual haze. The canner was ready, the water boiling.

“I’ve got to set the timer, Blake.”

“How long you need?” he asked around a mouthful of breast.

“Thirty minutes.”

Blake drew back with a satisfied suck. She looked down to see him stare at her with admiration, his hands still supporting her.


“I’ll tell you when thirty minutes are up.”


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Leah Braemel said...

Peaches. Which reminds me of the first time I introduced my DH to a peach and how juicy it was ... okay, that'll probably be TMI, LOL.

Good snippet Vivian!