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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Tidbid

Tidbit from Future Shock


A gentle tap on the door interrupted her clearing of the final file for the day.

“Hey, got a minute?”

Susan looked up to see Kyle’s smiling face.

“I guess. I take it you’re one of Jay’s buddies? I didn’t know any of you worked here.” She sat back and rubbed her temples, trying to ease the ache that remained. The fire alarms had shut down quickly but she could still hear ringing in her ears.

“I’m in the packaging sector, loading final inventory into trucks and shipping it out. It’s not glamorous, but it’s a steady pay cheque.” Kyle moved the spare chair in front of her desk so that he was facing the open door. He spoke quietly. “How are you doing?”

Susan stared for a minute before replying. “You’re not asking like a normal person would ask ‘How are you doing?’ This is like a ‘How are you dealing with the weird shit that is going down in your life?’ kind of question. Right?”

Kyle broke into a big smile. “I can see you’re talented with words as well as other areas. Yup, I was asking how weird your day has been. Inquiring minds want to know. And if you’re worried that it’s too strange to share I should let you know that when I first started to develop my skills I ended up unintentionally locking myself in the school bathroom for three hours. The girl’s bathroom.” Susan lifted her eyebrows. “Yeah, it was tough to explain. Damn levitation was so erratic I was floating on the ceiling for a while and every time they got a key to unlock the door it melted.”


“The key. I didn’t realize it at the time but one of the side effects of learning new skills is heat generation. Whatever science there is behind how our brains are wired, every time we use our talents we produce energy. When we’re learning we tend to expend the heat randomly, into keyholes, into fishing ponds…” Kyle met Susan’s gaze. “Into kitchens of the cafeteria where we work.”

Susan pushed back her chair. “Hang on, are you accusing me of starting the fire today?”

“There was no external cause, Susan. The cook had just placed the clean and empty pot on the stove to start some soup and ‘poof’ it was filled with flames. Besides, I felt the heat leave you and head elsewhere. You didn’t hurt anyone, be thankful for that.”

“Kyle, this is insane.”

“Welcome to our world, baby."

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mamasand2 said...

"Welcome to our world, baby."

I love this Viv.