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Monday, September 15, 2008

Reign it in or Step it Up?

I've come to the conclusion there are NOT enough hours in a day.

I can't do it all.

Of course, what 'I' want to do and what needs to be done are not lining up properly to my way of thinking. And since I'm the Queen of bursts of enthusiasm I WANT to do whatever I'm doing to the n-th degree.

I want to have 12 stories all out there NOW. I want to have stories in with my editor at Samhain and try to write for other markets as well. I want to set up a website, find people to read my WIP, find a group of other writers I can relate to and visit with, find ways to promote...

But there's not enough time and I'm going to have to watch I don't burn out or burn up the house with negligence. I'm still homeschooling the kids. We have a new puppy, I have a husband I'd like to keep. I have a body to keep in shape...

So I need to figure out how to enjoy the journey without wrecking the boat! Balance. I'm not going to be able to cruise chatrooms and blogs for hours a day. Not now.

So I need to pick my 'gotta do's' a little better.

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